“I know it sounds corny, but love really is the answer.” Elon Musk

At the risk of sounding trite I must tell you that love is the most important thing in my life. A few years ago, and at the suggestion of a friend, I was listening to Joe Rogan interviewing Elon Musk. They were talking about all the troubles in the world when I heard Musk say “I know it sounds corny, but love really is the answer.” I was amazed to hear that from HIM! You probably know that Musk is not a paragon of relationships, just ask his former employees and wives. But when he was talking about the primacy of love he was not talking about relationships, he was talking about people helping people. Helping is loving.

I have spent the greater portion of my adult life learning and teaching about love. I learned love at home, in school, in our business and in my relationship with Jennifer. Jennifer is my high school sweetheart and married partner in life. Jennifer and I are what we call “relationship billionaires.” Not billionaires like Musk, but rich in love.

Jennifer and I feel obligated to share our love riches with the world, at least for those who will listen. We believe that what we learned and teach will benefit many people. We would like to share with you.

While I have been writing books about love Jennifer has been using her gifts helping people buy and sell homes and training young people the art and science of real estate sales and investments. She even tricked me into joining her (that’s a story for another time.) She is amazing.

Jennifer loves walking on the beach and I love walking around Yosemite and that’s what we do in our spare time. We have a large and dynamic family life so we have a lot of good stories to tell. My writing is memoirish and I tell both real stories and true stories (I hope you can tell the difference). What is very true and real for us is that love is not just the answer, it is the most important thing.