I Am Eternally Grateful, I Love You With All My Heart: Journal

Out of your grateful heart flows loving thoughts, loving words and loving acts. This easy to use guided journal helps you take the step from gratitude to love! In the process a simple breathing exercise stimulates your mind and body to focus more intentionally, more deeply, on what you are grateful for and how you will direct your love. It is brief, easy, flows naturally, is authentic and empowering everyday!

Oxytocin Is the O in Love: Rocket Your Emotional Connections Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

Bryan Martin lost his emotional connection with Jennifer and nearly lost his marriage! "It was one of the scariest and most difficult times of my life." Now Bryan and Jennifer Martin are self-described "relationship billionaires." Oxytocin Is the O in Love is their love story about how they fix the emotional disconnection. They grew from relationship poverty to love riches. Martin says, "It's not about how long you have been together, it's the quality of your relationship that counts." The Martin's didn't just rise from the ashes or experience a robust rebound, they grew exponentially beyond what they ever dreamed possible. Oxytocin Is the O in Love outlines the six skills they learned and applied. These skills not only saved their marriage but made them better people in the process. They want to share their relationship riches with you. Here is a new way to look at love.


Kindness Is the Most Powerful Little Thing in the World: Three Types of Transformational Kindness for Everyone

Wait a minute! Do you realize how important kindness is? Did you know kindness can save lives? Kindness can even help people in the future survive! There are three types of kindness and there is a special mindset for Kindness. How about this...did you know that kindness is the most important little thing in the world! Yes! and more...Anyone can do great acts of kindness, that's right! And kindness is the greatest and best manifestation of love! What if everyone in your home and business decided to live a life of kindness 100% of the time? Would that make a difference? You bet it would! Here is a rare manual on how to be more kind at home and the world. Join the kindness revolution!

Fun Loving: How to have a practically perfect relationship

This is a great guide to having a practically perfect relationship. It will help you in ways you never thought possible.


My Ideal Day of Love: 24 hours of LOVE at home and work

What's wrong with My Ideal Day of Love? First, My Ideal Day of Love is very personal with real stories and illustrations from the author’s life. The reader may not want to know that much about him. Next the book doesn't fit a particular genre. Yes, it does mention Jesus and God in a few places but it is not a really a religious book nor does it identify with any particular theological orientation or religious community. There are a few traditional spiritual ideas in it but one would not normally think of kissing, pleasuring or dancing like a seven year old as part of spiritual tradition. It is not a Humanistic view in spite of the fact that science and technology are fully embraced. The book is kind of an outlier. What's right about My Ideal Day of Love? First, love is a universal idea and love has universal appeal. My Ideal Day of Love broadens the idea of loving into practical doable common everyday actions which are effective in helping people love more and better. Also, the idea of having the personal identity of being a “Lover” and being labeled as a "Lover" is an intriguing idea in a world searching for identity. Next the author makes the reader think about people "still stuck in time to be." Figuring out ways to help distant future people is a revolutionary thought and a different way of thinking about the world. It has the potential to make your life a lot more meaningful.